About me


My name is Olga Galabova and I am here to make your business flow.

I am a virtual and administrative assistant based in the Netherlands.

I provide a comprehensive range of remote administrative and back-office support, social media assistance and organizational services to business owners, start-ups, and entrepreneurs.

My diverse set of experience as an assistant in multiple international companies, a personal and office assistant in a law firm, and a back-office manager in yoga and sports venues, along with my background and experience as a lawyer, taught me how to find solutions to any problem, how to quickly adapt to new situations, and to meet and deal with tight deadlines.

I easily combine effective communication, organization, creative and problem-solving skills with the ability to work independently, diligently, and efficiently.

NOW I OFFer you my organizational skills and experience, so you can dedicate your time, love, and energy to what your business is focused on.

MY story

My name is Olga and I could describe myself as a multi-passionate, energetic and active person, who loves life and always smile, even when drinking the lemonade made from the lemons offered by life :)

Born and raised in Bulgaria during the communism, I had followed the path of every ambitious child and I had graduated with an excellent diploma in one of the most popular and demanded schools in Sofia - High School in Finance and Business.

Having my first classes in Basics and Fundamentals of law and legislation, and being inspired by my grandfather, who used to be an amazing person and well-known lawyer in Bulgaria, I decided to follow his career path and dedicated my time and energy to studying in the law school.

Along with my studies, I started my first job as a bank clerk when I was 19 years old, using the knowledge and skills I had gained in high school.

Closer I got to my graduation, I added 2 milestones in my life:

I got married to my high school love Milen, and I replaced my bank job to become an office and personal assistant in a law office, where I spent 2 hard-working and challenging years, learning a lot about time management, multitasking, flexibility, communication, problem-solving and dealing with tones of documents and deadlines. Working under pressure became part of my general routine, as well as using the quietness of the night to complete my university assignments.

Once I graduated, I joined my dearest grandfather in his law office and became a lawyer myself. My heart was full of joy and was super inspired. Every day was a new opportunity to make the world a better and fair place and I was working both for my own business as a lawyer, as a public defender and as a legal advisor in some charity projects and NGOs.

In 2005 our daughter Magi was born and I managed to press pause to my work for a couple of weeks to dedicate myself only to her and my family. Soon after I started taking my laptop on our walks in the park and I got back to the work loop - drafting contracts, preparing cases and representing clients in the court, along with the consultations, mediation and the admin work.

In 2008 our son Boyan was born. I was too confident that I was able to combine motherhood with a successful career as a lawyer, with an active social life and a family, so I didn't give myself any space for rest.

Well, the result followed soon - I got all symptoms of a burn-out, which I neglected. I even added running and yoga to my overscheduled days and that changed my life.

Yoga helped me to settle, to slow down, and to ask myself is it what I want to do for the rest of my life? I realized that I don't like my job as a lawyer at all anymore, that it doesn't sparkle, it doesn't bring any joy to me.

The truth is that I was horrified by these thoughts. I knew that I want to quit but I didn't know what else I could do.

I kept on working as a lawyer, however, I started dedicating more and more time to yoga. I replaced my time as a legal advisor in some NGOs with voluntary work in some yoga studios. Reducing the time in the law office, and spending more time with my children and family, I decided to invest in yoga teacher training and make a big shift in my professional path.

In 2015 I and my family moved to the Netherlands where left behind my career as a lawyer and started a new one as a full-time yoga teacher and entrepreneur.

From teaching classes as a freelancer to opening my own yoga place in 2018, I have been discovering and dealing with the challenges of the entrepreneur's life. I have been successfully flowing through the business and studio administration and bookkeeping, as well as helping some yoga studios to organize their schedules, inbox, client service, studio supplies, urgent issues management, etc.

I have started organizing and leading yoga and active holidays and events in the Netherlands and around the world, and cooperating with other yoga studios with the administration of their yoga events.

Another milestone in my life was 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic started. In one day, I had to close my yoga business (both as a studio owner, retreat leader and assistant) and since it was considered as a start-up business by the Dutch government, I wasn't approved for any financial support or compensation during the lockdowns in 2020-2022. It was heartbreaking for me. All my efforts and energy, all my hard work were literally shut down.

It brought me into a weird situation - being 40+, working since I was 19, watching my savings disappearing, and being forced to ask for pocket money as well as my 2 teenagers...

Staying at home gave me time to rest, settle, brainstorm and reorganize my life and career in a way, that I will apply all of my skills and knowledge and diversify my income. What I realized is that "putting all eggs in one basket" is not a good idea in this dynamic and unpredictable world we live in. Being a quick learner, I started catching up with the new technologies (life was happening online already anyway), I followed some Foundations of business courses, I refreshed my admin and analytical skills (something that I will always be grateful for from the law school) and I made an emergency business plan.

My yoga business switched to offering online and outdoor classes and events and I have decided to let go of the yoga space I was renting.

3 months after the first lockdown I returned to the corporate world, starting a job as an office receptionist and administrator in multiple companies' office buildings where I still have been working part-time.

After 2 years of lockdowns, life seems to get back to normal, the yoga studios are open again and I am glad that my emergency business plan has been working. I am proud that now I successfully combine and run my re-shaped yoga business, my work as a virtual assistant and my office job, and yet I have my weekends free of work, fully dedicated to my family, hobbies and interests. Work-life balance they say!

I hope my story above will help you to know me better - my personality, my energy and my approach to life and work. Every day as an adult, every work and life experience have taught me that everything is possible and manageable if you put your heart and efforts into it in a smart and balanced way.

Let me help your business flow as well!



P.S. You can find more about my yoga life on www.yolga.nl.


// Well organized and dynamic

// Ability to multitask

// Excellent communication skills

// Cooperative telephone and face-to-face communicator

// Customer service oriented

// Initiative

// Pleasant manner

// Professional attitude

// Social and cheerful

// Multilingual: English, Bulgarian, Dutch

// Enthusiastic quick learner

// Flexible schedule


Bulgarian (native)

English (fluent)

Dutch (developing)


All services and communication are provided in English and/or Bulgarian.

Reading and listening comprehension in Dutch are on a very good working proficiency level.


2021 // Foundations of business - 8 weeks training

2020 - ongoing // Yoga Teacher training 300 hrs - De Nieuwe Yoga School

2016 // Top taal Amsterdam – Dutch language level B1

2014 // Yoga Teacher training 200 hrs - Diwali yoga center

2013 // APIS - Training in working with Document Management System

2012 // Professional Association of Mediators, IM e.V. Germany - Training in Cross-Border Mediation

2004 // Sofia University - European Law

1996-2002 // Burgas Free University - Master of Law (LL.M. diploma)

1991-1996 // High School in Finance and Business - Certificate in Accountancy and Management

work experience

July 2021 - present

Virtual Assistant (part-time)

July 2020 – Present

Receptionist (part-time) at Embrace Hospitality Services

// Welcoming and greeting visitors;

// Directing visitors, giving instructions, receiving and sorting daily mail/email/deliveries/couriers;

// Back-office assistance

May 2018 - May 2020

Yoga Studio Owner and manager

// Managing the studio budget, including responsible spending and reporting

// Performing roster reviews and reconciliations

// Managing all aspects of financial management and reporting, including invoices, refunds, credits, closeouts, bank deposits, etc. Studio Sales & Marketing

// Managing volunteer and other staff and consultants/contractors in promotions, including volunteers

// Creating and managing annual, quarterly and monthly schedules

// Identifying trends in attendance to optimize the schedule

// Completing payroll, new hire paperwork, deposits, and business reports accurately and on time

// Maintaining clothing, props, books and all other items in retail area, including ordering, pricing, inventory and visual merchandising

// Managing check-in / front desk operations team;

// Managing maintenance issues, inventory, cleaning; communicate as needed with property management and neighboring tenants

December 2019 - September 2020 and September 2012 – May 2015

Yoga Studio Receptionist/hostess and back office support (part-time) at Yagoy, Santosha, Yoga Vidya

// Welcoming and greeting visitors;

// Directing visitors, giving instructions, receiving and sorting daily mail/deliveries/couriers;

// Tracking class numbers and managing members, payments;

// Preparing and updating schedule shifts/classes/calendars;

// Managing studio shops;

// Urgent schedule management;

// Ongoing schedule management;

// organizing inbox;

// customer service.

July 2012 - Present

Yoga teacher (full-time, part-time)

// online and in-person yoga classes and events

// corporate yoga classes

// yoga workshops and courses

// yoga and active life events, retreats and travels

November 2002 – May 2015

Attorney at Law, а member of Sofia Bar Association

// Communication and negotiation with clients;

// Collection, processing, draft and preparation of documents and legal and administrative work;

// Establishing what needs to be done to solve a client’s legal problems;

// Review legal documents to ensure they are in proper format and contain all the necessary paperwork for court acceptance.

// Providing clients with legal advice and support on a wide range of legal issues.

// Representing clients in both criminal and civil trials.

// Attracting additional business from new and existing clients.

// Holding regular casework meetings and review with other legal staff.

// Maintaining court dockets and diaries.

// Using specialist legal software to compile reports etc.

November 2000 – April 2002

Office and Personal Assistant at Minkov, Nencheva & partners law office

// Documenting legal actions

// Organizing files

// Confirming case statuses and generating reports

// Preparing materials for meetings, pleadings, & trials

// Scheduling appointments

// Transcribing documents

// Researching laws and regulations

// Performing accurate legal research and analysis.

// Interpreting laws, rulings and regulations in legal documents.

// Compiling, proofreading and revising drafts of legal documents and reports.

// Daily record keeping with electronic and hard copy filing of documents.

// Obtaining relevant information from other organizations or agencies.

// Creating and organizing information, and generating reference tools for easy use by the office.

// Maintain and update databases and tracking systems.

// Ensuring efficient and effective administrative information and assistance.

// acting as a first point of contact for callers, dealing with emails and phone calls by responding, passing on messages or highlighting them for manager’s attention

// managing diaries and schedules and organising meetings and appointments, often controlling access to the manager/executive

// booking and arranging travel, transport and accommodation

// organizing events

// reminding the manager/executive of important tasks and deadlines

// typing, compiling and preparing reports, presentations and correspondence

// implementing and maintaining procedures/administrative systems

// liaising with staff, suppliers and clients

// collating and filing expenses

// Preparation, collection, analysis and processing of financial information and invoices.

October 1997 – October 2000

Front desk officer and client service at DSK Bank PLC.

// Preparation, collection, analysis, and processing of accounting documentation;

// Responding to customer inquiries;

// Handling cash and maintaining account records.



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Active Life

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